Survivors of Storms

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Darin McAllister has had a series of unique life experiences, affording him the opportunity to write and convey many of life’s tragedies and every day crisises from an optimistic perspective which gives hope and possibility to the reader. Darin is a Graduate of Oral Roberts University with a B.A. in Theology, Pastoral care. He joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1990 and served the city through some of its most tumultuous times, including the Rodney King beating, the L.A. riots, and the O.J. Simpson trial. He later went on to serve for 14 years as a Special Agent with Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he received the Directors Award and the Attorney General’s Award for excellence in investigations. He is an Ordained Elder and regularly speaks a message of Faith and God’s purpose where ever given the opportunity; from skid row to some of the nation’s largest churches. He is married to Dr. Judith Christie McAllister and they currently reside in Los Angeles California, with their three Children. It is his prayer that every reader will be inspired, encouraged, and energized to embrace their purpose as a survivor.